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Google Adwords Management: No other Advertising Medium Comes Even Close to Adwords.
At a Fraction of The Cost of Direct Mail or Yellow Pages Your Ads Can Appear Virtually Anywhere Online. Yet, Most People Find Advertising with Google Extremely Difficult


There’s no doubt that Google Adwords is the quickest and fastest way is to drive traffic to your website. You can start getting traffic within 5-10 minutes…Yet most people find it too difficult and time consuming in practice.


Do you ever face these Google pay per click issues?

  • Keywords too expensive?
  • Ads rarely show due to poor Quality Score?
  • Not getting enough sales from your website?
  • CTR’s (click through rates) low?
  • Minimum bids R10+ per click?
  • Not getting conversions?
  • Google PPC takes up too much of your time?


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While Google advocates that Adwords is simple to use, the reality is that it is highly complex in practice. The vast majority of Google Adwords campaigns I have seen are set up wrong and managed badly.

That is why I have created this 7-day Google Adwords email course to help you learn from others and avoid the mistakes that most advertisers make.


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    • What to do when your first page bid estimates are high
    • What makes one Google Adwords campaign wildly successful while another one is a complete failure
    • The one thing that will determine if you make money with Adwords or Not.
    • How does Google Adwords work?
    • How to decrease your Google Adwords costs whilst remaining in the top positions on Google.
    • How to get a free Google Adwords coupon
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    • How to find a Google Adwords Qualified professional
    • How To write Google Adwords ads that will annihilate your competitors