Day 1: Google Adwords Basics


“You Have to Understand this One Concept to Make Google Adwords Work for You”


If you want your Google Adwords campaign to be a success it is vital that you understand the one thing that makes Google extremely happy. If you can manage to make Google happy you will pay less for clicks, and your traffic will be going up at the same time.

An added benefit of making Google happy is that it will generally result in higher profits for you as well. However, get on the wrong side of Google and your clicks costs will be sky-high and your ads will show rarely.


So, what makes Google happy?


Google’s main concern had always been relevancy. That’s exactly why they became so dominant over the years, because Google could make their pay per click ads more relevant than other search engines.

Google rewards relevancy and if your ads are relevant you will get more clicks to your website and appear in a higher position in the search results. Google is happiest when a lot of people click on your ad which is an indication to Google that your ad is relevant.

On the other hand, if your ad doesn’t get clicked on, it is a signal to Google that your ad is irrelevant. In such a case Google will penalize you with very high bid prices.

What really matters to Google is that there should be a high degree of relevancy between your keywords and your ads.

For example: When a someone types ‘Adwords Guide’ into the Google search box, it means that that person is looking for more information about Google Adwords…NOT Yahoo, NOT MSN or any other search engine.

So, if your ad matches exactly what they are searching for it will be more likely that they will click on your ad compared to that of your competitors.

Give Google exactly what they want and you will be successful in marketing your business online.


Keep your eyes open for tomorrow’s lesson called:

“An Instant Recipe for Failure – Bidding on the Wrong Keywords.”


Take care,
Alain van Heerden


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